Digital Download

February 2016




In a search dedicated to improvement and self discovery, we dedicate this number to a more noticeable production. This time we have as guests: the beautiful Spanish model, MartaBoo; Villena Viscaria from Serbia, who dazzled us with her designs; music is always present, it couldn't be otherwise, we bring interviews to a two powerful bands: Methane from Sweden and Hades Lab from the UK; Lara Wirth, who shows great talent in the way of special effects makeup; time of unmissable events, first “Encuentro de body painters” in Uruguay 2016 in which we were present with a great photographic record by the hand of our beloved photographer, Carlos Grisales and Freak Tattoo Show in Bs As. Coverage provided by our representative, Nicolás Garbossa; and many other articles which complement another next issue of Sopor Magazine. 84 pages available in both spanish and english.


  • Photography: Carlos Grisales
  • Model: Euge Necro
  • Attire: Klavelvet
  • Makeup and accessories: Gabby C.


  • MartaBoo - Model - Spain
  • Freak Tattoo Expo Bs As 2015
  • Villena Viscaria - clothing Design - Serbia
  • Stories - Ayelén - Federico Severio
  • Sopor Gallery - Whispers in Memories
  • Encuentro BodyPainters Uruguay 2016
  • Armageddon Painted - Body painting / Makeup FX - Australia
  • Felix Velvet - Photography - Spain
  • Did you know that - 19 unusual phobias
  • Hades Lab - Band - United Kingdom
  • Methane - Band - Sweden
  • Old School - Motörhead
  • Recommended - #musicmotion