To be featured in Sopor Magazine, the material will be reviewed and will only receive response stating whether the submission is selected or not selected for the online photo stream. No critique will be provided.


Authors should verify that their contributions comply with the following requirements and they may be sent back if the authors fail to adhere to these guidelines.

  • - The attached material must be original and unpublished and it must not be pending approval in any other journal.
  • - The photographs may be published on websites and social networks by the corresponding authors and by Sopor Magazine including, without exception, all relevant credits: magazine, model, photographer, clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. After publishing the magazine
  • - Photographs must meet the following quality standard for the magazine's design:
    • 10 or more high-quality photos. Min. size: 2000px
    • Min. weight: 1.5 MB.
    • Min. DPI: 250
  • - If applicable, the logo should be sent in PNG format.
  • - Please read each point carefully before agreeing to our terms and conditions. Make sure you have read and understood the following authorization. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


  • - Open the following link
  • - If you agree with our Terms, continue with the following steps. If you don't, please contact us.
  • - Copy the entire text
  • - Paste in a new word file
  • - Replace the blue text with your information
  • - Attach it to a ZIP file along with your photos (only profesional HD photos, we don't accept downloaded photos from social networks)
  • - Image(s) should not contain any visual watermark/text/graphic overlays. Digitally embedded watermarks are welcome.
  • - Upload to
  • - Send us the link to
  • - And that's all! we will looking forward to your amazing work!


Thank you for trusting in our Magazine, please contact us if you have any question.